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AUGUST 2008 - Feature Click here for the missing “Figure 1” from ”What’s in the Back Room?” August MT, as well as additional captions and explanations for all the equipment pictured

MARCH 2008 - Communications - From Judy May :As I read your March "Communications" column I noticed that the wrong phone number wound up being printed for the DTV converter box coupon hotline... it should be an 888 number instead of the 800 area code that got printed. ... this morning I became curious as to who would answer that wrong number, so I tried calling it. Unfortunately, it is a business that pretends you have called the correct DTV hotline, but then attempts to sell you satellite TV for a monthly charge. Yikes! Not illegal, but definitely unethical.”

OCTOBER 2007 - First Look - Phone number to order Radiosophy HD-100 is 877-4HD-RADIO (443-7234). Although it is toll-free, the prefix is 877, not 800 as stated in the article.

Scanning Report - Jim Richardson of Mountain NewsNet reports that “Regrettably the information you provided regarding Glenwood Springs, Colorado in the October issue is outdated. All city and county agencies have moved to the states P-25 Digital Trunked Radio System (DTRS) over the summer.”

JUNE 2007 - Utility World - Referenced the review of PC-HFDL software by the Computers & Radio column, but it was the September 2006 issue, not November.

On the Bench - Downloading the DReaM.exe program - If you tried to locate the pre-compiled DRM software and couldn’t find the file referenced in the June article, go to, click on Support. Pinned to the top is an e-mail with a number of places where you can download a pre-compiled program without having to compile it yourself from source files. However, for those wishing to compile their own, the source files are available from

FEBRUARY 2007 - “Radio in Labrador” - Contrary to the article, the radiobeacon at Knob Lake airport was not “in the 2 kHz band” but 200 kHz. In fact, Bert Huneault thinks beacon KL was on 203 kHz.

APRIL 2007 - Digital Digest - The incorrect graphic was run to illustrate RFSM2400 Decoding Software screenshot of a MIL-188-110A signal. The correct graphic is shown here:



Dave Martin of Niagara pointed out to us that Niagara Falls is not the capital of Niagara County, contrary to what John Mayson’s atlas told him in “Buffalo Scanning” in the September issue. Lockport is the correct capitol. See Nov “Letters” column for more area frequencies from Dave.

JULY 2006 -

Beginners Corner - Call RadioLabs for SUPER-909: Some readers interested in Ken Reitz's mention in the July Getting Started column of a modified Sangean ATS909 have been calling Sangean headquarters to ask about this model. Please don't; it is not available from Sangean! You must contact RadioLabs at or call 1-877-575-3700. We apologize for not listing the RadioLabs phone number in the original article.

To see Jim Clarke's review of the modified Sangean, check out his review in the April 2005 First Look column, or on line at
2005 Reviews


In Larry Van Horn's "First Look" review of the new Uniden BCD996T base/mobile scanner in the July Monitoring Times, there was an error in the continuation from page 71 to page 73. Table 1 was repeated, and the final paragraph of text was omitted. Here are the final two paragraphs which includes the missing text. Our apologies for the error!


Finally, while the GPS capability is a neat feature, it is very labor and research intensive to get it up and operating. I am sure that with time, like other aspects of the scanner hobby, information will be shared through the internet to aid hobbyists in programming location information for a variety of radio systems nationwide. But that will be at some point down the road and probably only a few will fully utilize the GPS features in this scanner in the near term.

Bottom line, this is one heck of a scanner. This unit is the most advanced and feature rich radio scanner ever released by any radio company. No scanner in the marketplace even gets close to the BCD996T in features, listening capability, and overall performance, especially in its price range. There is a lot of scanning capability loaded into this small package. So if you are looking for one unit that does a lot, with the features you could only dream about three years ago, this is it -- the first, truly high tech base/mobile scanner of the 21st century.

The Uniden BCD996T (SCN 49) is available from Grove Enterprises (1-800-438-8155 or / For $539.95 plus shipping.

JUNE 2006 - To our dismay, we discovered too late that the the old May text was used for THREE columns -- Programming Spotlight, Below 500 kHz, and Outer Limits. The text for the first two was updated for the July issue. However, the correct text for Outer Limits did appear in the “MT Express” version of the magazine. For print subscribers, click the correct June Outer Limits column to download or print it out. We apologize to our readers and the authors for the errors!

NOVEMBER 2005 - Disaster on the Gulf - Two errors slipped through. Mac McCormick III says, ”You have the callsign DAWG listed as USAF C-130H 165 AW/158 as Dobbins AFB. The DAWGs are 165 AW/158 AS, but they are GA ANG out of Savannah IAP.” Author Larry Van Horn has it correctly IDed in his database and doesn’t know where he picked up the Dobbins ID!

Also, the editor (NOT the author) incorrectly identified the ARRL as the Amateur Radio Relay League instead of the AMERICAN Radio Relay League. My apologies, Larry!

OCTOBER 2005 - Computers & Radio - The DazyLabs source for the free PC instruments disappeared two weeks after John wrote the column. However, you can find the programs at these two websites. The sites are in Czech but the programs are in English and download and work fine, says John.

APRIL 2005 -

Changing World of FM DX, p.12 - The wrong URL was given for Bruce Elving’s FM Atlas website. For this great reference site go to

AM Bandscan - The column incorrectly cited Ron Walsh as the author of this column; It should have said Doug Smith.

MARCH 2005 -

Grove ad - Page 63 ad for antennas, the illustrations are reversed: the Scanner Beam is pictured on the right, but the description is in the box on the left, and vice versa for the Grove Omni II antenna.

JANUARY 2005 -

Beginner’s Guide to Shortwave Listening - missing from the sidebar was the list of resources for new and used equipment. It was a short list of websites only:

Resources for Antique, Used, Closeouts, and Demonstration Receivers


Monitoring Logic Trunked Radio - p.24 - The correct link for ARC250 software is (not .com)

JULY 2004 -

MT Baseball Line-up Card - Thanks to Bob Lynch

1. New York Mets, The call letters are correct, but the frequency should be 660 kHz.

2. New York Yankees, The call letters are correct, but the frequency should be 880 kHz.

On the Bench - Audio Amplifiers You Can Build

...but not without the parts list! Our apologies for omitting this sidebar from the July "On the Bench" project!


R1 5k Potentiometer RS 271-1720

R2 100R Brown-Black-Brown RS 271-1311

R3 10R Brown-Black-Black RS 271-1301

C1 1uf Electrolytic RS 272-1434

C2 .01uf (marked 103) RS 272-131

C3 10uf Electrolytic RS 272-1025

C4 100uf Electrolytic RS 272-1028

C5 .01uf Disk capacitior RS 272-131

C6 .01uf Disk capacitior RS 272-131

C7 220uf Electrolytic RS 272-956

8 Pin Socket RS 276-1995

U1 LM386 Audio Amplifier RS 276-1731


R1 10K Potentiometer RS 271-1721

R2 180R Brown/Gray/Brown (junk box)

R3/4 47K Yellow/Violet/Orange RS 271-1432

R5/6 2K7 Red/Violet/Red (junk box)

R7/8 220 Red/Red/Brown RS 271-1313

C1 .22uf marked 223 RS 272-1070

C2 4.7uf Electrolytic RS 272-1024

C3,4,5 470uf Electrolytic RS 272-1030

C6,7 0.1 marked 104 RS 272-135

T1 1000CT:8 Transformer RS 273-1380

Q1,2,3,4 PN2222 (or equal) RS 900-5420

use RS 276-2009 or

RS 276-2016