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Airline Company Voice Call Signs
Use Section 2 and select first letter of call sign. Worldwide List.

Scramble Airshow Agenda - USA and Canada

Over 1,500,000 aircraft photos online!
Many photographic categories. Aviation Photo Search Engine. Aircraft Data and History. Latest Aviation News. More!!!

An argument in favor of 75 Ohm coax for scanner antennas

ARINC-1 VHF Radio Networks map
 By way of agreements, corporate jet, airliner, and air cargo companies may use the ARINC-1 VHF Radio Network with one hundred plus ground stations in the U.S. It is often used when an aircraft is out of radio range of one of its own airline company offices at an airport. "San Francisco" is the control operator except for frequencies 129.9 and 130.7 for which "New York" is the control operator.

Online Sectional Aeronautical Charts
U.S. Sectional Charts that you can view in detail. Select chart from U.S. map at right or enter 5-letter airspace fix or 3-letter airport I.D. or 3-letter VOR I.D. Click and drag to move maps. Use slider to zoom. Too bad that IFR charts are not also available.
This is a great resource to listeners for VHF aircraft frequencies and airport information.

"Pilot/Controller Glossary (P/CG)"
The terms are listed alphabetically. Great resource for listeners. 

Radio Communications Phraseology and Techniques
From the FAA "Aeronautical Information Manual" (AIM). Lots of good info for understanding communications.

Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)
"Official Guide to Basic Flight Information and ATC Procedures" It is interesting to explore and with useful information for listeners. It is an 11.5 MB PDF download.

"Airspace for Everyone"
An Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) 16-page, 3.26 MB PDF publication. Lots of good info here on airspace.

Flight Tracking: -- Excellent!
This site is the best of its kind and free. To get started, when it comes up, enter the three or four-letter airport code of your choice in the "Airport Code" box (bottom left) and click on "VIEW ACTIVITY." Click on the orange and white icon at the bottom right of the map to start a larger map. Zoom in as desired. There are lots of things to explore on this site and a great resource for listeners. It is for IFR flights, primarily airliners, few military. There is about a seven minute delay on aircraft positions for alleged government security reasons.

CONTRACTIONS 7340.1, "Chapter 2. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - AERONAUTICAL CONTRACTIONS". This is a good first choice for decoding contractions found at, in the Airport / Facility Directory, and other FAA material.

ARINC -- Map of HF frequencies in the Atlantic / Caribbean by Jeppesen
PDF file, 478 KB

ARINC -- Map of HF frequencies in the Pacific by Jeppesen
PDF file, 452 KB

Downloadable PDF Oceanic Charts
Click on the “IFR Caribbean, Atlantic & Pacific” link. On that page, the areas covered by the various charts are shown and apply to the downloads listed further down. Scroll to “High Altitude Pacific (Hawaii)” and download “EPHI1,” about 10 MB. For the Atlantic, download “NARC,” about 8.5 MB. The Charts show published routes and reporting points

VOR Navigation
A great introduction to understanding VOR navigation since you will hear "VOR" and "radial" frequently as you listen.