Zenith Trans-Oceanic B-600
October 2006 - April 2007


October, 2006: We Take on A Zenith Trans-Oceanic

    Details about Preceding models: The "Universal Portable" of 1940, The 1942 "Universal Portable" and the "Trans-Ocean Clipper;" details about our B-600 project set and others in the 600 series.

November, 2006: Sizing Up Our Trans-Oceanic

    Dealing with the mold on the case; front panel: the dial scales, including those of previous 600 models, the controls: volume, tone ("Radiorgan,") and pilot light; "Wave-Magnet" and "Waverod" antennas; interior cabinet fittings; switching between a.c. and battery operation; tube complement; the rare 1L6 converter tube.

February, 2007: Back on Track With the Trans-Oceanic

    Reader correspondence, including discouraging cabinet mold growth, retrieval of oscillator coil slug; chassis removal strategies; under the chassis; those infamous Black Beauty caps; checking tubes; preliminary smoke test.

March, 2007: The T-O Now Recapped and Re-Rectifiered

    Replacing the paper caps; why the good selenium rectifier was replaced; issues when replacing selenium with silicon; terminal lug wiring error causes false alarm; signal sensitivity improved; identifying the B- bus in schematics; how to substitute for the 50A1 voltage regulator.

April, 2007: Wrapping Up the Trans-Oceanic Project

    Procedures for i.f., bc band oscillator and r.f., adjustments; reinstalling the T-O in its cabinet; pilot light considerations; adjusting the 21 short-wave band coils and trimmers; 1L6 replacement issues.

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