Potential Feature Articles for Monitoring Times

Below are some topics to jump start your own ideas of what you could write about in your area of expertise. Before writing the article, please query the editor (editor@monitoringtimes.com) as to whether the topic is still available/needed and if there is a deadline.

Thanks to Assistant Editor Larry Van Horn for compiling this excellent list! Please consult the Writers Guidelines for style and typical payment - Rachel Baughn, editor

Amateur Radio (preferably a March 2009 deadline)

  • How to Monitor/work the HAMSATs
    How to work the digital HAMSATs
    How to Work the High Flying AMSAT FM repeaters (HAMSATS)
    Indoor antennas for the ham
    Indoor antennas for the scanner enthusiast
    Indoor antennas for the HF listener
    Wire antennas for hams
    Skywarn - Basics of severe weather spotting
    Participating in ham contest - the basics
    Participating in field day - the basics
    How to become a ham DXer - for the ham and radio listener
    How to become a better QSler
    How to earn some wall papers for the shack, primer on ham awards
    Working the magic band - 6 meters, props, beacons etc
    Combating RFI in the shack
    Beginners guide to VHF operation
    How to communicate on a ham repeater
    How to get started on APRS
    How to study for and pass your ham license
    Public safety comms in Dayton, Ohio (for the Dayton Hamfest)
    Beginners guide to working/monitoring special event stations
    Working/monitoring the International Space Station
    How to conduct moonbounce operations - new digital techniques, equipment etc
    Computer operating aids for the ham
    Wonderful world of ham radio - overview of the things you can do on the ham bands


  • Station profiles with current schedules, programming and audio stream opportunities
    Shortwave listening for the beginner
    The Toughest Top Ten to hear on shortwave
    DXing the globe in 24 hours
    DXing the OPEC nations
    Where are the shortwave broadcast bands?
    Pirate radio broadcast and holiday monitoring
    DXing the Tropical Bands
    Beginners guide to AM DXing
    Beginners guide to FM DXing
    Internet Guide to Shortwave Radio Station audio streams


  • How to construct low band scanning antennas (Jan 1987)
    Wire antennas for the HF listener
    Multiband antennas
    Antennas for the WARC bands
    Any and all antenna projects (look at reprinting past projects)
    Primer on SWR issues
    Tuners and antennas, receive and transmit
    Portable antennas for the monitor
    Mobile antennas for the monitor
    Stacking antennas - do's and don'ts, what do you really get
    Active antennas - what is available, their uses and comparisons
    How to design your own antenna and software you can use to for it
    Antenna matching - an introduction


  • DXing - Portables vs Tabletops
    How to computer control your radio
    Receiving preamps - do we need them and what is available.
    General article on using computers in the radio hobby today
    Noise, noise, noise - curing noise and other unwanted issues in radio monitoring
    Simple how to articles on propagation (Signal props and the Ionosphere, meteor skip, e-skip etc)
    Using the computer sound card in radio monitoring
    Tools and gadgets for the work bench
    Today's receivers - best buys
    Scanners - best buys
    Lightning protection for the radio hobbyist
    Using solar power in the shack
    Natural power supplies
    Green solutions for radio monitoring
    Constructing a crystal radio
    Recognizing electronic connectors and their uses/downsides
    Accessories for the shortwave listener
    Software Defined radios - what's available
    Ins and outs of interference filters
    Notch filters - what are they and their uses
    How to identify and cure power line interference


  • How to monitor ACARS
    How to monitor weather satellites
    Low Band Scanning - Preparing for the next Sunspot Maximum
    Monitoring Wireless Mikes
    Monitoring auto races (taking your scanner to a NASCAR Indy Formula One, etc)
    Monitoring during severe weather
    DXing NOAA weather radio stations
    Software for the scanner buff
    Digital trunking system basics for the scanner monitor
    How to monitoring the civilian aero bands
    How to monitor the military aircraft bands
    Scanning and monitoring in Canada, guide for the beginner
    Scanning sports events
    Monitoring Military MOAs
    Know your antennas-determining the band your agency uses from the antennas they use
    Programming today's scanners, tips on how and what to do
    Primer on trunk radio basics
    Scanning 101 - beginners guide to the scanning hobby
    Monitoring the ARINC VHF network.
    CTCSS DCS and NAC - what are they and how can I use them in scanning?

HF Radio

  • Beginners Guide to ALE monitoring
    Monitoring the HF Aeronautical Bands
    Monitoring the HF Marine Bands
    Monitoring the US Coast Guard
    Monitoring HF Diplomatic Networks
    Monitoring Ships of the NOAA Fleet
    Monitoring the Unknown signals on the HF Utility Bands
    Monitoring OTHR signals
    Monitoring HF beacons
    How to monitor the GMDSS
    How to monitor the aero HFDL stations
    Monitoring the US Government on HF
    Monitoring RTTY and FAX on HF what is  really left to hear.
    Monitoring number stations, what can be heard today
    Monitoring the VOLMETS
    DXing at sunspot minimum, what can you really hear.
    Summertime DXing
    Monitoring the Canadian Coast Guard
    Time and Frequency standard stations worldwide
    DXing the utility bands - country guide to stations on the HF ute bands


  • Monitoring LOWFERS
    Monitoring NDBs
    Monitoring Dif GPS stations
    Monitoring Overseas LW broadcasters
    Tuning in on mother earth, natural radio signals
    Antennas for the Longwave enthusiast
    Beginners guide to the lowbands
    DXing the Traveler Information Service stations
    Monitoring digital modes in the LW spectrum

General articles

  • Monitoring and the Law - what is out there today that impacts the hobby?
    How to create your own QSL card
    How to make a reception report
    Electronic QSLing
    24 hour time and other time topics for the radio listener
    Radio in the classroom - where do we stand and what can we do to get it in there?
    Setting up a radio exhibit at your local library
    Reworking our spectrum guides (aka service search) for today's spectrum
    Hazards of the hobby, safety in the radio shack.
    Accessories you can use in the shack to improve reception.
    Shack logbooks - manual and electronic
    Pricing used receivers, scanners and accessories
    Monitoring the Mississippi River marine communications
    Buying your first receiver, what to look for
    Getting ready for severe weather - selecting the right weather radio receiver (include primer on SAME decoding)
    Beginners guide to building a radio hobby library
    Using Internet search engines and the radio hobby
    What are International Q and Z codes
    MFJ - Hidden gems in their catalog for the radio hobbyist

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