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Audio samples

Audio samples for Diamond Cut DC7 audio clean-up program, MT Review, Part 1, June 2008

Samples for DC7, MT Review, Part 2, July 2008

SDR14 spectrum recording for use with SpectraVue 2.20 (March 2007 column) - Readers Only site

Links and Resources:


    IC-R75 control file for Bandmaster software (see January 2006 column)

    Palm control software for the Ten-Tec RX320

    Baudwalking - New Modes of Communication: how instant messaging and IRC chat groups can alert you to breaking news or propagation openings. This PDF file includes active links to recommended sites and software. (From Jan 2005)

    Conversion programs for EDACS/Motorola Type II Trunking

Additions and Corrections:

OCTOBER 2005 - Computers & Radio - The DazyLabs source for the free PC instruments disappeared two weeks after John wrote the column. However, you can find the programs at these two websites. The sites are in Czech but the programs are in English and download and work fine, says John.